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Never shot before? From the comfort of the simulator you can experience what it's like to shoot moving targets and learn more about the sport.



Always missing the same old target? Take advantage of one of our 20 minute shooting clinic sessions, see why you're missing and work though the challenge.



Our Thursday night club is great if you're looking to get into the sport or train on a regular basis. We have the under 21s club and the over 21s club.



The Coombs Shooting Simulator is the sister company of Coombs Clay Shooting (where you can shoot real world targets).


We are lucky to have at our Facility in Westbury the Swedish Marksman ST2 Shooting Simulator. The worlds most accurate. In fact, it works to ISSF rules and olympic champions use it for indoor training.


Our passion is introducing people to the sport, safe gun ownership and education. If you're looking to try something uniquely different, shoot already, looking to take up the sport or want to organise an event - visiting is a must!