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About the Simulator


Marksman ST-2 Shooting Simulator is truly in a class of its own and offers regular shooters and beginners alike a training platform like no other. With unprecedented accuracy, superior ballistic data and true to real life targets it is no wonder why this platform has been used to train Olympiads all over the globe.


The simulator was designed and built in Sweden by the Marksman Training Systems AB company with over 220 installations worldwide. 7 of them are in the United Kingdom.


About our Company


The Coombs Shooting Simulator is a trading name of Mark M. Coombs & Associates Limited, the operators of this Simulator in Westbury. It's founder Mark Coombs currently holds 65% of the shares in the business, the remainder is owned by his business partners Paul Gaskin and Audrey Little.

Mark and Paul are avid clay shooters and great coaches. Colin and Mathew are also a trained coaches for the platform.


The Facility


The Coombs Shooting Simulator facility in Westbury is the only purpose built training centre in the South of England dedicated to educating and advancing the skills of gun owners in the UK. We have two simulator screens, a viewing area, reception area, class room, meeting space and catering facilities.


The simulator is powered by 100% renewable energy.

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